More than just and RFID

solution to morgue


Track decedents to
their exact location.

forensic pathologist using tablet
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Comprehensive facility wide decedent tracking, utilizing multiple technologies to provide real-time location & inventory data.

BodyTracking on a TV Screen
BodyTracking on a mounted TV Screen

No more whiteboards.

Wield real-time insight into cool room capacities, traceable to the individual shelving. Reclaim time spent maintaining whiteboards and spreadsheets.

Be aware as it happens.

Have non-compliances and incidents before you in an instant. Be ready to respond as soon as problems arise.

BodyTracking alert above covered decedent in a morgue
lab staff observing bodytracking on an ipad

Harness enhanced traceability.

With staff traceability, harness never before seen recognition of the who, what and when of in-house chain-of-custody.


More Informed Decision Making


Greater Operational Transparency

Reduced Workload & Error


Better Ability to Plan & Adapt

Portrait of Asim Sarfraz, Applications Manager at HealthRFID

Blog Post

Meet The Man in The Engine Room: Asim Sarfraz, responsible for delivering solutions and driving customer success at HealthRFID.