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when it comes to blood


With data capture and analytics in real-time.

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Today's blood collection, storage and testing facilities face the following issues:

Outdated Legacy Practices

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Legacy practices such as handwritten sample labelling, are vulnerable to mislabeling errors. Samples become subject to rejection from pathology providers, impacting patient experience.

Operational Inefficiencies

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Blood inventory is managed through inefficient means and manual sign-out registers are commonplace. Blood is misplaced and expires before use.

Heavy & Broad Workloads

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Staff are required to practice a vast array of procedures and to multi-task. Mistakes are understandably made often.

The Solution?

Automated Blood Inventory, Labelling & Supply Chain Management by HealthRFID.


Automated Data Capture

Elimination of Manual Tasks & Processes 

Real-Time Data Visualization 

Automated Patient Safety Procedures


Improved Patient Experience


Reduced Blood Wastage 


More Informed Decision Making 


Greater Operational Transparency 

See the suite of HealthRFID solutions developed for blood processors:

Portrait of Asim Sarfraz, Applications Manager at HealthRFID

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Meet The Man in The Engine Room: Asim Sarfraz, responsible for delivering solutions and driving customer success at HealthRFID.