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Collection and transfusion made safer.

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A comprehensive utility that ensures correct collection and transfusion practices, eliminating risk of wrong blood in tube (WBIT). Designed to improve emergency response time and patient experience.
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Streamlined collection & transfusion procedures.

Enhance patient safety with three factor patient identification upon collection and transfusion. Ensure right patient/right blood every time.

Realize a 96.5% reduction in sample labelling errors.

Eliminate the risk associated with handwritten labelling procedures. Reduce the need for unnecessary recollections of blood, urine, sputum & faecal samples.
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Seamless integration with existing systems and databases.

Our platform integrates harmoniously with hospital EMRs and other necessary data management platforms.


Improved Patient Experience


Greater Operational Transparency

Less Wastage &  Boosted Productivity

Reduced Workload & Error


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