A sample management

platform & laboratory

information system


all in one.

Learn how HealthRFID can aid in your success.
Comprehensive lab information management with a suite of sample management tools. Designed to get studies done faster and more accurately.

Experience productivity gains of 300% during lab receipting.

Automate data collection, eliminate manual reconciliation, eradicate ad-hoc sample checks, and ensure prompt notification of delays.

Reduce collection and receipting hours by 70%.

Boost efficiency with error reduction, real-time stock management, and accurate sample data—no manual processes or paper records needed.

Everything needed to package, ship and monitor deliveries.

Intuitive management of shipment retrieval, packing verification, and destination tracking all in one platform.


Reduced Workload & Error


Less Wastage &  Boosted Productivity

Enhanced Cost Savings


More Informed Decision Making


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Specimen Tracking: A vital role in ensuring clinical quality and efficiency.