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Today’s clinical trial sites face the following issues:

Outdated Legacy Collection Practices

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Legacy Methods, such as manual sample tracking via paper and spreadsheets, contribute to a high workload and an increased chance of errors.

Heavy Regulation

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Industry wide regulation demands stringent protocols and require close attention. Quality control checks devour time and limits staff output.

Risk of Human Error

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Clinical trial staff grapple with challenges like long hours, broad responsibility, and outdated practices, hindering optimal performance. Errors are made and subjects require re-draws.

The Solution?

Real-Time Clinical Sample Management & Supply Chain Management by HealthRFID.

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Automated Data Capture

Elimination of Manual Tasks & Processes 

Real-Time Data Visualization 

Automated Quality Control Procedures


Reduced Workload & Error


Less Wastage & Boosted Productivity

Enhanced Cost Savings 


Better Ability to Plan & Adapt 


See the suite of HealthRFID solutions developed for clinical trial sites:

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