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Blood management made more efficient.

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A dynamic solution designed to effectively manage blood supply and reduce the wastage of blood and blood products. Both scalable and cost-effective, BloodControl has revolutionized blood management.

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man holding blood bag taken out of blood storage

Real-time data means knowing where blood has been.

Locate blood and understand actual blood status, such as time out of fridge. Return quality blood that would otherwise be discarded to storage for later use.

Enhanced patient safety and reduced workload.

The automated sign-out register eliminates manual records and possible risk. Search inventory and manage stock levels with a user friendly interface.
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bloodcontrol application in next to surgeons conducting surgery

Harness remote cross-matching capabilities in theatre.

Allow the lab to communicate and allocate via BloodControl to ensure you have the correct blood on hand at all times.


Reduced Blood Wastage


Greater Operational Transparency

Reduced Workload & Error 


More Informed Decision Making 

Portrait of Asim Sarfraz, Applications Manager at HealthRFID

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