Ensuring the correct

storage of biologic


With remote temperature monitoring in real-time.

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Ensure compliance to strict protocols regarding the storage of biologics such as blood-draws, blood bags, tissue and other specimens.

A simple & highly valuable solution to temperature management.

Redeploy staff to more valuable tasks by eliminating the need for manual temperature audits. Instantaneously and simultaneously monitor multiple fridges at once.

Be aware of issues as they arise.

Email and SMS alerts in real-time ensure that management can address issues before specimen loss can occur. Temperatures can be observed from anywhere via a cloud-based platform.

Durable, reliable and cost-effective hardware.

TemperatureControl devices are capable of monitoring fridges and freezers of up to minus 200 degrees Celsius (-328 Fahrenheit).


Reduced Workload & Error


Greater Operational Transparency

Less Wastage &  Boosted Productivity

More Informed Decision Making

Portrait of Asim Sarfraz, Applications Manager at HealthRFID

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Meet The Man in The Engine Room: Asim Sarfraz, responsible for delivering solutions and driving customer success at HealthRFID.