Central and satellite blood bank and processing centres, as well as hospitals, are focussed on minimising blood product waste in an age of supply challenges, at the same time striving to be more accountable for their processes. Specific challenges include

  • Understanding the real time location of blood products and inventory levels, and the amount of time in transit
  • Confidence in the quality of returned and unused blood
  • Manual processes for sign out registers and inventory
  • Ensuring patient safety through correct retrieval from fridges
  • Traceability of who has taken blood products and when
  • Compliance to appropriate standards

HealthRFID’s BloodControl and SmartReader platforms provide real-time tracking of blood throughout the cold chain. The solution enables:

  • The tracking of individual blood bags through to transfusion
  • Remote and real-time management of inventory in satellite environments,
  • Individually configurable, time-based notifications ensure that blood is delivered on time, blood isn’t out of the fridge longer than it should be
  • The system uses “touch n’ go” RFID technology to minimise transaction times and enable higher volumes
  • Safety features to ensure correct blood retrieval, and conjunction with BedsideControl, verification of right patient/right blood at the theatre bedside
  • Full traceability and journey logging of each blood item.
  • Being digital, a full record of where each blood bag has been is available instantly