The hospital blood bank is focused on maximising patient safety, minimising blood product waste and at the same time striving to be more accountable for their processes.

Wastage of fresh and fractionated blood product, including blood bags being left on benches and those not being returned to fridges in the allowed time. There is also a clear focus from authorities such as NATA on pathology departments to be more accountable for the usage of blood. Existing manual and handwritten systems with their inevitable high levels of mistakes are clearly not the answer!

Blood Management solution provides real-time tracking of blood throughout the cold chain. The solution enables:

  • The tracking of individual blood bags through to transfusion.
  • Individually configurable, time-based notifications ensure that blood is delivered on time, blood isn’t out of the fridge longer than it should, and much more!
  • The system uses “touch n’ go” RFID technology to minimise transaction times.
  • Being digital, a full record of where each blood bag has been is available instantly