Hospitals are wanting to address issues of wrong blood in tube, which is partly due to manual handling and handwriting errors.

Hospitals are also wanting to increase efficiency through being able to order tests electronically from the bedside and being able to track the test through to the lab.

HealthRFID BedsideControl solution is tailored to remove errors occurring due to mislabelled samples, recollections, wasted time in writing labels or lost blood samples but also by improving the quality of information for all parties and ensuring that samples are collected from the right patients. The solution enables:

  • Positive patient identification at the bedside
  • Printed Declaration Label for the request form containing Digital ID of the operator for use with physical request forms
  • Printed blood sample labels with unique Batch ID and unique Sample ID for each tube
  • System guided confirmation process
  • Reduce or eliminate Wrong Blood in Tube errors

..test recollections reduced by 92.5%..