HealthRFID provides best-of-breed healthcare solutions for blood banks, hospitals, pathology and clinical trial organisations.

These solutions provide our customers with the ability to control their cold chain and maximise patient safety.

Our team is committed to making a difference for our customers, not by pulling hardware off the shelf but instead by analysing existing client processes and configuring the software to match these processes. The software and hardware solution is designed to integrate perfectly with the specific environment thus providing quick return-on investment, outstanding performance and even better results.


Robert Reed


Over the 30 years, Robert has been involved in many businesses. Today, Robert has the privilege of using technology to help change people’s lives. Whether it is using RFID to change the roles of the librarian, or with HealthRFID using RFID to enable doctors to provide patients with a whole new level of service or hospitals to minimise waste of a very precious resource, blood

Asim Sarfraz

Applications Manager

Asim has more than 20 years experience in technology development and implementation. He has delivered numerous technology projects across infrastructure, logistics, energy, government, and health care sectors. Asim is responsible for managing solution delivery.

Scott Linke

Business Development Executive

Scott has over 20 years experience in working across many industries to advise, and identify value through complex solutions. This includes helping organisations reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency, and ensure compliance. Scott is responsible for customer and brand management across Australasia.