HealthRFID Total Solution

HealthRFID is focussed on delivering maximised value to our customers through the provision of a customised, integrated solution. This solution can include hardware, software, apps, and consumerables, all designed to work together so that you can get on with what you do best. The solution includes an integrated dashboard which monitors the hardware to ensure it is working 24/7, and when it is down automatically notifies the relevant people.

HealthRFID also provides ongoing support for the solution for the period of the agreement. For HealthRFID software and integration, HealthRFID provides ongoing support and software upgrades. For the HealthRFID Apps, HealthRFID also provides upgrades and support, with support including connection to the cloud-based software and to other HealthRFID hardware including mobile printers. Much of the support for the apps is provided through the use of applications which provide local access to the devices by HealthRFID personnel.

For HealthRFID Hardware support, HealthRFID provides replacement of hardware within the warranty period of the product. Outside of this period HealthRFID will attempt to repair the equipment to perform the function, both are on the basis that the equipment to subject to normal wear and tear.