HealthRFID ControlPoint

ControlPoint is a web-based system that is specifically designed to support the tracking and monitoring needs of hospitals and laboratories.

It provides hospital and laboratory staff with a real-time view of sample collection and tracking.

General end users may be granted access to ControlPoint to view the dashboard, which displays the blood sample details, such as the Collector Name, Location (department), Patient MRN/UR, number of samples, time of collection at bedside and receipt at Lab, unique Batch and Sample IDs and the movement of the sample through the hospital.

The Dashboard uses colour-coding to draw attention to the stages of the blood sample journey; green for “On-time”, orange for “Late” (sample is late arriving at the Lab), and red for “Lost” (sample is overdue at the Lab and should be followed up).

Time KPIs for the colour-coded tracking can be configured for each customer’s needs, to ensure compliance.

A limited number of staff can be designated Administrators of ControlPoint and have authority to view a number of dashboards designed to manage the supply chain and address exceptions as required. Administrators may also control the following;

  • Time and other key performance indicators are configured and can be updated to meet the organisations needs to ensure compliance.
  • User Accounts, adding and deactivating users as required. A full audit trail remains, even if a user has been deactivated.
  • Devices, adding and transferring to meet the organisation’s needs.
  • Notifications, granular notifications to individuals or groups can be set up and updated.