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Harness the Power of Automated Data Capture with ClinicalControl

Managing a clinical lab is hard, and an inefficient lab can be costly.

Outdated paper-based processes, inadequate sample management, and a lack of streamlined tracking systems contribute to delays, errors, and increased costs. Time-sensitive sample processing and storage are compromised, while freezer stock management remains a headache. Valuable time is wasted on manual reporting and logging, hindering traceability and audit readiness. It’s time for a transformative solution.

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More than a Laboratory Sample Management System.

HealthRFID’s ClinicalControl solution is the remedy for clinical trial sites grappling with inefficiencies. It automates paper-based processes at local labs, from kit management to sample processing, storage, and shipment. Particularly in those sample-intensive Phase 1 Clinical Trials, ClinicalControl will be your best friend.

ClinicalControl is your clinical trial supply chain partner, providing real-time tracking, interactive dashboards, and proof of delivery for seamless control over collection and processing, whether in-house or outsourced to centralized labs. Witness a comprehensive electronic audit trail, recording every step of the sample journey, ensuring traceability and audit readiness.

Complete Sample Traceability

Sample and Kit Inventory Management

Real-Time Data Visualization

Complete Supply Chain Visibility

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