Streamlining supply

chains for pathology


With blood & specimen tracking in real-time.

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Today’s pathology laboratories face the following issues:

Poor Supply-Chain Visibility

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There is little transparency between collection and lab. Specimens fall victim to misrouting and become lost or delayed. This negatively impacts the quality of service.

Outdated Legacy Practices

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Legacy practices such as handwritten sample labelling, are vulnerable to mislabeling errors. Samples become subject to rejection, and time is lost gathering further samples.

Operational Inefficiencies

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Unnecessary wastage in the supply chain impacts the output of pathology providers. Staff output is limited, and resources are redirected away from more valuable practices.

The Solution?

Real-Time Specimen Procurement & Supply Chain Management by HealthRFID.


Proof of Delivery/ Real-Time Tracking

Elimination of Manual Tasks & Processes 

Real-Time Data Visualization 

Integration with Lab Software


Greater Operational Transparency 

Eliminate Wastage & Boost Productivity

Reduced Workload & Error


More Informed Decision Making 


See the suite of HealthRFID solutions developed for pathology laboratories:

Portrait of Asim Sarfraz, Applications Manager at HealthRFID

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Meet The Man in The Engine Room: Asim Sarfraz, responsible for delivering solutions and driving customer success at HealthRFID.