Ensuring that individual fridges or freezers meet compliance requirements on a 24/7 basis is challenging for organisations, especially when fridges or freezers can be located throughout the organisation or in remote locations.

Individual fridges have long provided temperature recording and warnings. However, ensuring compliance with temperature audits for all fridges within the organisation’s control is time-consuming and error prone.

HealthRFID temperature tracking solution enables the organisation to track all fridge temperatures in real time. The system includes:

  • Notification via dashboard display, acoustic alarm, email or SMS of any out-of-temperature events.
  • Settings for both warnings when the temperature is approaching the minimum or maximum temperature or when these temperatures are exceeded.
  • Recording as to when, who and why the device was reset, when a warning or temperature is being triggered.
  • Configurable reports detailing temperature, reason for alarms, etc. to enable the organisation to comply with compliance requirements.
  • Monitoring fridges and freezers up to minus 200 degrees.