Loss of non-replaceable specimens can have a damaging effect on the reputation of pathology service to physicians and patients alike. This can lead to loss of future revenue. The following contribute to unnecessary time and effort expended mitigating these problems

  • Inability to manage lost, delayed, or misrouted specimens
  • Time and effort spent in chasing lost specimens
  • Lack of visibility into specimen location
  • No proof of chain of custody with contracted couriers

The HealthRFID SpecimenControl solution enables:

  • The tracking of individual specimen jars from collection through to SRA or individual labs.
  • The tracking of eskies and their associated patient episodes from collection through to SRA or between labs.
  • The fast reading of multiple specimen jars or episodes at each read point using “touch n’ go” RFID technology to minimise transaction times.
  • Provides couriers with real-time information as to what specimens or eskies are ready to be picked up from what collection centre.
  • Dashboards and individually configurable, time-based notifications ensure that specimens reach each point within the required time.
  • Proof of delivery and fully electronic chain of custody audits