Blood Processing organisations are wanting to improve outcomes across functions such as Donor Centres, Processing Centres, Order Fulfillment, Supply Chain and Logistics in capabilities described as below:

  • Workplace safety is compromised in processes where staff must spend considerable amounts of time in the fridge to search for the right product.
  • Product quality can be affected due to information not being shared within the organisation. Not sharing information impacts efficiency, product quality and the number of discards.
  • Service delivery is impacted through the time currently taken to undertake various administration tasks and not having visibility of the operations.

HealthRFID product tracking system can be used to manage all facets of the cold chain from donor centres through to hospital delivery or transfusion, seamlessly integrating with other systems and providing the organisation with an audit trial for every product item thus ensuring compliance with the relevant standards.

The HealthRFID product tracking system enables:

  • Efficiency – A significant reduction in staff time in the fridge and ensure they can find the right product quickly for order fulfilment, plasma consignment and work in progress. Through software business rules and scanning products out of the fridge, staff will receive alerts and notification based on specific criteria such as time out of storage or testing results.
  • Real time stock location – By allocating packs to their container (baskets and boxes which will be RFID tagged) and the container to the location (conveyor or pallet), staff will be able to know if a pack is available in the basket in the fridge or freezer and be able to go directly to that location.
  • The HealthRFID solution will provide the organisation with simple to use apps and, in turn, real-time data to optimise the operations, improve product quality and minimise discards.
  • Compliance – The proposed solution will enable the facility to meet audit record and traceability requirements as per standards by providing technology to automatically capture events at centrifuge and other processing equipment.
  • Dashboards – The organisation’s staff are equipped with the relevant dashboards, required notifications and reports to manage the process.