Hospitals aim to provide safe and effective care to all patients. Manual labelling of patient sample collected at the bedside has a negating effect by promoting

  • Wrong Blood in Tube events, risking patient safety though incorrect grouping resulting in elevated risks of adverse transfusion reactions
  • Higher recollect rates with labelling non-compliance, resulting in less time for patient care
  • Delayed patient care and inefficient patient progression logs due to extended time recollecting samples
  • Erosion in patient confidence due to repeat blood sampling, which can have a negative impact on hospital standing

The HealthRFID BedsideControl solution provides

  • A Simple app-based labelling system
  • Positive patient identification at the bedside, including right patient/ right blood verification for transfusions
  • Full electronic audit trail of every step
  • Proof of delivery of blood samples from source to destination
  • Seamless integration with existing systems for patient data, eliminating any need for manual entry
  • System guided confirmation process