For the management of stock, ensuring that product is used according to the product specifications and the management of product processing.

The stock required for an operation not being available at the hospital can occur when paperwork is not updated in a timely manner, there is miscommunication between the hospital and the supplier, or there are delays or discrepancies with invoicing. Stock accuracy can have a direct effect on patient safety and the quality of the overall service that is provided to the patient.

Discrepancies in product use can affect patient safety or cost the organisation in terms of unnecessary discards. Ensuring that the product is used according to the specifications maximises patient safety. This can include using the product before end of life or managing the products time out of fridge or freezer. Likewise, organisations can be discarding product unnecessarily as the current measure may be paper based or inaccurate, costing the organisation thousands of dollars.

Paper based or systems that aren’t integrated are not effective for ensuring compliance, or for the real-time management of production or distribution processes.

HealthRFID product tracking system can be used to manage manufacturing, distribution and stock management processes in real time, seamlessly integrating with other systems and providing the organisation with an audit trial for every product item thus ensuring compliance with the relevant standards.

The HealthRFID product tracking system;

  • Can ensure that the location and status of each item of product is known to both the organisation and the customer.
  • That all customer communication and interaction is recorded digitally in the one location.
  • That the organisation’s staff are equipped with the relevant dashboards, required notifications and reports to manage the process.
  • Can be used to manage both consignment and loaned product.
  • Can provide warning and notification to ensure that the product is managed according to the product specifications.
  • Can be used for stocktaking fridges and freezers.