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Portrait of Asim Sarfraz, Applications Manager at HealthRFID

Meet the man in the engine room; Asim Sarfraz, responsible for delivering solutions and driving customer success at HealthRFID.

Asim Sarfraz has more than 20 years of experience in technology development and implementation. He has delivered numerous technology projects across infrastructure, logistics, energy, government, and healthcare sectors.

During this time, Asim has developed a widely regarded acumen in delivering commercial software/hardware/IoT projects and building, scaling & empowering geographically distributed teams

At HealthRFID, Asim has successfully remained ahead of a rapidly changing medium and led the development of some cutting-edge and innovative solutions that are being used around the globe today.

Now, Asim is imparting his lessons learned and wealth of knowledge to the coming generations as a tribute to those who mentored him.

Fortnightly, Asim is releasing content on Substack which is free and available to the public.

You can check it out here:

Alternatively, you can view Asim Sarfraz’s profile here.